Monday, July 9, 2007


Is it Impatiens or Impatients.. How do you pronounce it.? Either way when you talk about the impatiens in the garden, everyone knows what you are talking about.. Most will even tell you their favorite color of them. They might even tell you if they have had good luck growing them.

For me it depends upon the type of summer we have here in Georgia. Hot dry ones, not so good for this flower. If it is a wetter one, it does excellent, esp. if it is in the shade. If you let them go to seed, they will reseed freely and crop up next year all over your annual beds. Well it does in my garden.

I love the profuse color they provide, although I wish they had a scent. I love the blue, red and white impatiens all mixed together.. The blue is much harder to find than the other colors.. Usually this has to be grown from seed. Time consuming and I didn't feel like it this year..


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Seeing your pictures reminded me I did not have any impatients this year, not really sure why. After reading your interests, I see why you would have plenty of Pyrex for candle making :).

Dirty Fingernails said...

I do have plenty.. Much to my hubby's shagrin.. Your candles look lovely..

snappy said...

I have never seen Blue Impatiens dirty fingernails.I will look for one.I have been giving a cutting of a Blue Geranium from a guy at work.I love the Red, white, and pinks of Busy lizzies.I have two versions here but they are not flowering yet :)
I will post photos when they do flower.

Dirty Fingernails said...

it really isn't a true blue, more like a lavender blue. I sure wish they were the color of a nikko blue hydrangea..