Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ingram's Camphor Cream Herbal

First you may ask "What is Camphor and where does it come from?"
Camphor is a substance that comes from the camphor tree. The trees grow tall and have white flowers. Most grow in Japan and China, and on the island of Taiwan.

Camphor is produced by streaming wood chips from the camphor tree. During this process, camphor collects in an oily layer on the chips. The oily substance is drained and pressed to remove the oil and water. Camphor is then left in the form of whitish, almost transparent crystals. The crystals are usually purified by pressing and sublimation. The pure compound is a white waxy solid."

What do you use when your hands are cracked, peeling and dry from digging in the dirt? I use Ingram's Camphor for my hands and feet after a rough day out in the garden.. After my big mulch day yesterday I pretty much stuck my fingertips in the jar to soak in the cream. When you put it on you can feel a cool sensation on the skin.. Not like Vicks or anything, but just cool and not overpowering.. It can be pricey at $12 for 17.7 ounce container, 500g for my outside the uS friends. What do you use to soften beat up garden hands?

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