Monday, July 23, 2007

Late Morning Visitor

I awoke from my slumber (short as it was) I heard a squawking. It wasn'tthe kids or the cats it was a frantic noise.. I had to do further investigation into what was this alarm clock, waking me up after a few short hours of sleep??

Well from the pictures you can see it was a baby Blue Jay learning to fly and it's mother was the squawking. She yelled at me the whole time I was taking pictures of her baby. She was very camera shy and kept herself well hidden in the trees. That is when she wasn't swooping down near me..


Me said...

Oh baby birds are so funny - ugly and cute at the same time. All I've ever managed to photograph are baby robins and swallows. Lucky you!

kris said...

Hi - thanks for leaving a note on my blog. I just took a quick stroll through yours - very nice! I love the baby blue jay. A couple years ago cardinals built a nest in one of my climbing roses. It was very fun to see them in the nest and as they left it. Your flower photos are beautiful.

Dirty Fingernails said...

I just love their fuzzy feathers.