Monday, July 16, 2007

One of Many

I am obsessed with flower pots. I like to make my own instead of buying them.. I have found that hanging baskets are a bit harder for me.. I have birds who seem to always want to nest in them.. Even with the cats around.

This basket has petunias, which are one of my basket staples. I try to mix perennials in the pots as well, so when next year comes, I don't have to fork out as much money to fill them in.. Homestead verbena is my favorite perennial in pots.

Pots everywhere and pots to water daily everywhere.. The kids run when I ask them to go get the hose and sprayer fired up. Some run to do it for me and others run away.. My poor neighbor who watered them daily for us while we were on vacation for 10 days.. That was sure nice of her..

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