Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oriental Lily Black Beauty

She bloomed on her first summer after planting.. What a great thing!! I was thrilled to see the huge stalk and all the buds on the end.. This morning... I caught my first up and personal glimpse of her.. I loved how she had petals that curved similar to tiger lilies. The smell is sweet and not overpowering like some Orientals. are.. My daughter loved it as well and couldn't stop smelling it.. This flower is one that my grandmother (who passed on the green thumb to me) would have loved in her garden.. I know she is please with this picture and smiling from heaven..

Quick update.. I have pledged to change my lightbulbs, as a step in the right direction to decrease my "footprint".. I will replace two lightbulbs today.


Jojo said...

Beautiful Pictures in your Blog!!! And THANK YOU!!!! for your comment in my blog today. I'm very happy. Sorry, i can a little bit english. I wish you a wonderful Weekend - Marlene (Jojo)

RUTH said...

What a beautiful photo of your daughter and the lily :o) Both are real beauties.

Dirty Fingernails said...

Thanks for coming by.. As for my daughter she is a beauty with a stubborn streak.. Just like Oriental lilies.. The actual stalk was taller than her and she is a tall seven year old... I was excited.