Thursday, July 12, 2007

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

Who has heard of the wonderful medicinal properties of the echinacea?? I have friends who would live and die by the stuff, esp. when they get sick.. This flower is native to the Eastern US and grows like wildfire if left to propigate itself.. I had one plant of it last year, which turned into 15 new ones this year.. I really don't mind.. I like the flower. It does tolerate a variety of climates, which makes it ideal for growers all over..

I suspect this was another medicinal plant used by my ancestors when they crossed the plains on their pioneer trek.. It is one of the most widely used herbs now and was then as well. It's claims include helping one with their immune systems, before and after an illness begins. It is too keep one in "Good Health".. Personally it doesn't work for me, what are your takes on it?


RUTH said...

I have had one plant for 3 years and never any self sown seedlings. I guess things are different in the UK especially as I have a very cold north facing garden. Isn't it funny how some countries can class as a weed things that others would class as a luxury. My one plant is just starting to flower. Echinacea is a very popular herbal medicine here too.
Happy Gardening :o)

Dirty Fingernails said...


You are totally right, were i grew up in Idaho in zone 4 I took for granted delphineums, lilacs,poppies and such.. Now I wish I could grow them here..

Chris said...

Echinacea is very popular here but it doesn't work for me either :-) Great looking plant in your garden though!