Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Made my first trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Went with Mr. Gum Paste Joel and Mr. Seed Snatcher Tim.. It was an enjoyable day out as an adult, without the kids.. I will however have to take the kids, because I think the 11 year old son would enjoy the carnivorous exhibit and the three youngest would enjoy the children's garden.. The Fuqua Orchid center was marvelous. One thing I have difficulty growing is orchids.. The twelve year old son , is interested in only himself, right now. Typical almost teenager..


Ki said...

Spectacular orchids. so far we've had pretty good luck growing Phalaenopis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums and Paphs. We bought a portable indoor greenhouse, essentially shelving with a plastic canopy to keep it humid enough for the orchids in the dry winter. We leave some of the orchids outdoors in heavy shade during the late spring 'til the early fall and this seems to help the light loving ones (Dendrobiums and oncidiums) to bloom.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Great pictures!! Sounds like you have some interesting friends with names like those!! We too have had trouble growing orchids. We have lost countless. Right now we have one that we have kept alive almost 4 years now and one that we bought last spring that looks like it will make it to next spring. I think humidity is the key. The one sits by the kitchen sink and gets sprayed when we leave for work and before we go to bed and maybe in between on the weekends. Keep trying the rewards are wonderful!!