Friday, December 14, 2007

My Coolest Friend

The Original Fairy Princess

A While ago, I asked for ideas for my coolest friend, who was having her 80th birthday. I took Cliff's advice and got a picture of us (finally) together, and this is how it turned out. My 12 year old son took the photo.
The Fairy Princess on the left, Dirty Fingernails in the middle and FP's daughter..

What color of frame should I use and what size of photo should I do??

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KC MO Garden Guy said...

Wow!! I am honored you took my advice. And I must say that the FP doesn't look 80 and you don't look like you have a 12 yr old!! Must be something in the water where you all like to keep you looking so young!!
As far as size and frame for the picture. Have both a 4x6 and 5x7 printed and take both with you when you go pick out a frame. I think the 5x7 would be the best but you never know. Plus pick out a frame for the other for you to keep. By having the picture with you you can see how the colors in the picture, matting and frame go together. Keep the frame simple so as not to take away from the picture. That will make a wonderful gift!!