Sunday, February 17, 2008

Garden Helpers GALORE!!

Three of the five we have , just LOVE to follow me around where ever I roam. They especially love it when I am outside and in the yard or garden. The big fat smoke gray one is Penelope, the Orange Tabby is Yellowstone and the Calico is Tiger Lily!

Of course they also love it when our neighbor Miss Terri is out, Tiger Lily in particular follows her around and or pays a visit. Just ask the birds who nested in her hanging pots, they would chirp your ears off when TL would cross the street.

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Greg II said...

Your cats look very similar to some of mine. And, Yes, we do need the rain, but not this much. Definatly not with the severe weather. It has been raining steady here in charleston since late last night. I'm glad to see the sun again.
Greg II