Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pink Elephant in the Garden

Every year I have a couple of volunteers that just show up out of no where in my garden. Last year they were flowers, this year, they are vegetables?? This is my first year with a veggie garden. Well one is neatly tucked amoungst my annuals and the other under the big maple tree with my tomatoes and basil. One thing, this is MASSIVE. I really mean HUGE.. I am not sure if I want it there taking all the natural elements from the earth, because it is a heavy feeder, but I know if it keeps going like it should, we could have many , many pies come fall. Check out the size of the leaf compared to my hand.
I have very large hands too..
We call it the pink elephant because you know it is there , but care to look the other way because it doesn't fit in with the rest of the plants.


Terra Hangen said...

Nice pink elephant; like you, curiosity and being tender hearted means I often leave volunteer plants, and see what they turn out to be.
Last year I pulled up some "weeds" and they were attached to peanuts in the shell. The neighborhood squirrel planted them.
I felt kinda bad, since it would be fun to watch the peanut plants grow.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

LOL, Dirty, we have a similar situation going on here with pumpkins. Last year after Halloween we just took the pumpkins (they hadn't all been carved) out to the compost pile and we have wonderful punkin patch coming up now. We're going to leave it be and see what we get ... with the corn we have planted, we may have our fall decorations growing out there right now. :-)