Monday, June 2, 2008

Work, Work and More Enjoyable Work

Yes I am a mean mother and make my children do "hard labor" at my house. Heaven Forbid! The thirteen year old wants to know when it will end, and I give him "the look" never blurts out of my annoyed mouth.. "There is no free room and board at this house!" Poor kids.


John said...

You must be busy...I believe that might actually be your natural hair color. ;)

Andrea said...

Hello, it is the same at our house. We got one left to leave the nest (soon I hope) and he pays rent and has to help since he makes his own money. :-) Thanks for stopping by again. Been missing your visits to my blog. Andrea

Dirty Fingernails said...

John, Yes blonde is my natural color. ;) I have been SUPER busy, no time to dye it red.

I still have five slave laborers at my house, or that is how they feel. They have no clue! Will be back to your blog. I think Deutschland is beautiful!