Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pink Elephant in the Garden Continues

We still get a good chuckle out of this huge vine growing at the edge of the garden. I have a feeling when we get back from vacation, it will be HUGE!!! I have no idea what kind of pumpkin it is, but hopefully we can get on jack-o-lantern out of it..


clairesgarden said...

the pumpkin vines really so get huge, good luck with your lantern growing!!

walk2write said...

Your photo reminds me of a volunteer watermelon plant that grew up right by the front door of a house we rented in Missouri. Apparently, one of the kids was eating watermelon on the front porch the previous summer and spit the seeds nearby. I let that ridiculous looking plant keep growing all summer, and it sprawled out onto the lawn. We actually got a few small melons from it, but they didn't taste very good. It was probably too shady in that spot. Oh well, at least I tried!