Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update on our Pumpkin RIP

On our trip our neighbor Miss Terri took care of the garden. We had a ton of rain while we were gone and I guess the pumpkin didn't like it.. It rotted. She said it was a sad, day when the smelly, moldy, rotten pumpkin had to be put in a bag and put in the trash. She knew the kids were looking forward to having it as a jack o lantern for halloween. That was the first things when we hopped out of my FIL van, how big is the pumpkin. Oh well, such is that in the life of a gardener. Some things make it, and others don't.
The vine is still flowering and we still may get one yet, there is a lot of growing season left here.


clairesgarden said...

what a shame! its not really warm enough for a big pumpkin crop here, and most of tem don't grow to any size at all before rotting.

Dirty Fingernails said...

We have another pumpkin on the vine, we are trying to be vigilant.. I didn't plan on this thing that is a volunteer to take over our gardening lives.. LOL