Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Asiatic Lily (Lilium) Centerfold

Why would one not love this beauty?
Centerfold is the name of the Asiatic Lily.
She grows well for me whereever I put her. Under the big Maple tree, in full sun by Don Juan or just mixed in a mess of lilies and daylilies. The drought we have had this year, has not affected her.

I planted her(25 bulbs) last fall and am enjoying the show this summer. I didn't expect much being the first year, yet she really suprised me. The maroon stripes from the inside out, against the pure white petal are fascinating.

This one is a keeper!


Chris said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog :-) It's nice to dream. Your lily is beautiful, 25 must be wonderful! I have more and more lilies each year but ours are still in small bud, not near to flowering yet. You have great pics!

snappy said...

That Asiatic lilly is a beauty with the colouration of the petals.I grew some orange and pink ones (pink was the supposed colour, the orange bulbs was in the wrong pot.So i had two colours in one pot).They were spectacular as I never grew them before.They are chilling now ready for next September to be replanted.

Dirty Fingernails said...

Asiatics are lovely. They are tough bulbs here. I don't have to pull them up, I just leave them in and watch them multiply.