Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hemerocallis (Daylily) 'Paper Butterfly'

Over the past couple of years I have found myself collecting more and more daylilies.. This is one of my favorite.. It is also one that cost more than the others. The price... last year $14.99 per fan.. Needless to say I added one to my collection.

It bloomed this year and it was far to short. The stem only had 3 buds on it. But, when they opened up, boy was it beautiful. It was about 6 inches across and tall and had this dark maroon/violet eye with peach petals. I collected my gardening neighbors and showed off my prize. It lasted all of 4 days. One day it didn't bloom.

Hopefully over the next year the fan will continue to grow and I will get more stalks and more buds to salivate over.


snappy said...

I love the colurs of this one.I think I might start a collection of day lillys when i get a garden.
They have the colour and petal variety like Orchids.There is a society in the Uk that specialises in growing Hostas and Hemocallis (daylillys).They have beautiful photos too.Love the maroon and the peach that is glowing in the centre.I guess it was a sunny day when you took it.

Dirty Fingernails said...

Watch out daylily collection can get spendy.. Although the leaves are evergreen for me all year round, which helps makes sometimes the purchase price worth it.. It was a very sunny day the picture was taken.. We haven't had much rain this year.. in fact we are in a bit of a drought.