Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sweet Peas at Grandma's in Idaho

My dad sent me this picture today.. The picture brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother Bessie.. These sweet peas come back every single summer. These are truly old fashioned, and have been growing amongst her wire fence since I was 3 (the earliest I can remember).. They have a sweet scent that lingers early morning and at dusk.. She passed away in 2001 at the age of 94, but her garden still produces the seeds she planted decades ago.. And her green thumb was passed on to other generations. I am sure this makes her smile.


Chris said...

That is a beautiful photo :-) I can smell them myself, sweet peas are one of my favourite summer flowers.

kate said...

What a beautiful photograph. Isn't it wonderful how flowers can evoke these good memories?

Bob said...

Sweet peas are one of my favourite flowers. I started growing them as a kid for my mom and still love today.
They have such a wonderful fragrance.
It's really great that they are still growing there. Maybe you can get some of the seeds for your garden.
Happy gardening,

Curtis said...

I am sure she is smiling! Such a sweet photograph and a sweet plant.

Crafty Gardener said...

I love old fashioned sweet peas. Mine are slightly dried up this year due to the excessive heat and no rain. Watering from the hose just isn't the same as rain water.

kris said...

I could write the same post about my grandmother almost word for word. I vividly remember sweetpeas growing on the fence outside their back door. Thanks for sharing such fun memories.