Monday, August 6, 2007

This Heat!!

It sure seems nothing in the garden is blooming right now.. This poor Black Eyed Susan is droopy. I have had to water nightly as the sun is gone, to keep things alive.. Wilting is at it's highest point so far this summer.. We hit a balmy 98 degrees F and near 37 degrees C. Hoping we get some kind of relief soon in the form of cool breezes or rain. The air is code red and not suitable to be outside.. So I haven't had much to do outside..

On another note:School starts in the middle of the week for the older boys and then the youngest three start Mon.. I guess soon I am on my own for that huge mulch pile, dropped by the mulch fairy to get spread evenly.


A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful flower with its striking black eye...we are having one of the coldest and wettest summers on record, so I'm a little envious of your sunshine :) 16 and 17 degrees is not warm, as we are very windswept too.

Me said...

You know, I do not think Black-Eyed Susans are particularly drought or heat tolerant. If it gets dry or if it gets hot mine wilt too. The purple coneflowers they share space with do just fine.

We are in severe drought here.

kris said...

Hot and dry here - the rain, if it comes at all, either goes north or south of us. I can see most of my gardens getting very stressed even with regular waterings.

Bek said...

I just found your blog. We also have some horrible heat days this week in Virginia. Yesterday's heat index was 118 :( Even watering the flowers at night takes too much effort.