Thursday, June 12, 2008

Heart Goes Out to the Boy Scouts in Iowa

I heard the news and was so saddened. I have two at boy scout camp as I sit here and type. The anguish their mothers feel, I am feeling it with you. My sympathies, love and prayers go out to all who were affected. May the Lord comfort you in this time of crisis. I know the motto of the Boy Scouts "Be Prepared" saved more than they may realize at this time.
God Bless

From One Boy Scout Mom to Another


Terra Hangen said...

Wonderful paintings, and eloquent words from you.

walk2write said...

Scouting has taught countless young men and women so many valuable lessons about nature, conservation, respect for others, teamwork...too many character-building concepts to list. Thanks for sharing your concern and prayer and reminding us to do the same.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Dirty, that was certainly a bad weather night for us all in Iowa, especially at the BS camp. Fortunately after that tragedy (and all the rest of the flood damage) it's been pretty peaceful and dry here.